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Dukka & Victor with Barbara
Welcome to Star Castle Fiber Mill. 2014 has been busy already.

We are CELEBRATING our 10th year of processing this year (actually birthday was last December).

We had a great spring show season. Got to chat with lots of friends and made new ones.

Check out the picture of the improvements from last summer on the What's New page.

Upcoming Events
° Shows:

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival September 27-28, in Canby, OR at the Clackamas County Fairground

° Workshop: I will be giving a workshop on wet felting on June 14at Sierra Rose Alpacas in Grass Valley, CA. If you want to attend contact Cynthia at

° Travels: I travel to the Portland area and to California on a regular basis. If you want a pick up of fiber, please send an e-mail or give me a call.

° Coming to the South Coast for a visit? Call ahead and we can arrange for a private tour of the Mill. You'll understand why people are amazed when they see our machines and learn how we process your fiber.

What's New
° Lots of work is happening on the farm this summer. New well, new barn, new fencing and pastures. Take a look at the pictures on the What's new page. What's New.
° Check out the new blog titled: "Another hilarious true story: The Pin Drafter Repair" What's New.
° For 2014, I will continue our Preferred Customer Program. For more information, see What's New.
Want to save money?
° Save on shipping by sending samples and compacting.

Mill Milestones
° We spun some very fine yarn for a customer at 30 wraps/inch (Huacaya) and 32 wraps/inch (Suri).
° We dyed 11 custom colors for one customer order. (Click picture to enlarge)->

Star Castle Fiber Mill and Farm, LLC is a custom Fiber Processing Mill that creates Yarn, Roving, Batts, or Felt from your Alpaca or Llama fleece. Star Castle Fiber Mill and Farm, LLC is a small fiber mill, located on my Alpaca Farm in Coos County Oregon.

We turn this...
into this...
or this...
or this...

Your fleece

Your fleece

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For more information, email us at: or call: (541) 396-6416.

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